What Wrong Food Can Do To Your Baby

What "Wrong Food" Can
Do To Your Baby

Did you give your child a glass of cow’s milk for breakfast? Did you feed your baby pork soup for lunch? Did you bring home ice cream from your evening walk? Did you mash some egg yolks for your kid’s dinner?

Without knowing it, you have been feeding your children dangerous foods.

The Bad Foods

The foods that are good for humans are those that nature designed for us to eat. The foods that nature didn’t intend for us to eat qualify as bad for health. When we deviate from nature’s intended diet, it backfires in the form of disease.


So, what has nature designed for us? Foods that can be eaten closest to their natural state: fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds are the best foods for us. Eggs, fish, meat and dairy contain cancer-causing chemicals (carcinogens), toxic heavy metals like mercury and cadmium, artificial hormones, antibiotics, and industrial toxins. Even if you buy organic, free-range animal products, you have still been feeding your baby the oxidants, saturated fats, cholesterol and estrogenic meat carcinogens found in all animal products. These are factors responsible for the mucus that causes ear infections, allergies and colds, and leads to chronic diseases later in life. Not only are these foods nutritionally inappropriate, the industry way of producing them are adding more antibiotics, hormones and chemicals to them. It’s no wonder then, that a world raised on this diet is battling so many diseases.

Refined extracts like sugar and oil are equal culprits. They contain zero nutrition but all the added calories, and are responsible for children becoming obese. Childhood obesity is a serious epidemic, one that will cause children to develop chronic diseases as they grow older. Not only that, sugar and highly processed foods also make your child more prone to falling sick by weakening the body’s defenses. That means you need to keep away all sugary drinks and colas. Excess salt can also lead to high blood pressure and incidences of stomach cancer.

We see it all around us, don’t we? The animal products, the sugar, the salt, the oil, and the diseases. It’s a clear correlation.

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  • John McDougall, M.D.
  • Joel Fuhrman, M.D., author of the book, Disease-Proof Your Child