Developing A Taste For Health

Developing A Taste
For Health

Health and Taste combined

A PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOODS lifestyle is the perfect one for your baby (as so many doctors claim), but are you worried about your baby not enjoying the foods?

Consider this: everything you grew up liking, you were taught to like!

And just like you learnt to like some foods that were not good for you, your baby can learn to like the foods are good!

Training Your Baby To Like The Good Stuff

Unlike non-human animals, human animals do not possess the ability to sort good foods from bad ones.

We need to be trained to do so.

If your baby is still an infant, the process of training their taste buds is easier, since they develop flavor preferences at this age. Introducing only plant-based whole foods will instill an inclination towards such food at an early age. Your toddler will not only adapt to these flavors, but will also learn to love them into adulthood.

Offer them whole and fresh foods. This way, they will reach for PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOOD snacks and meals when hungry.

If your child is already used to eating the wrong foods, reduce the quantities little by little every day and increase PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOOD products slowly. Eventually, your child will be eating a plant-based whole foods diet and the change will have been imperceptible!

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