How To Shop For Health

How To Shop
For Health

IA PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOODS diet is a diet of health and abundance!

Are you wondering how will you follow this diet given your hectic schedules?

Following a PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOODS diet is not difficult anymore. Look for products that are certified plant-based whole foods. There is a variety of products available that reduce the need and time for cooking while helping you adhere to the principles of this lifestyle. These products come as packaged meals – cereals or purees, or snacks such as puffs, chews and rusks. You can also buy off-the-shelf smoothies that are delicious and healthy. These are convenient and easy ways to provide healthy food to your baby!

You can also complement these dishes with other fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads, herbs, nuts and seeds.

Reading Labels for a guide to understanding the products you buy.