April 10, 2017

For parents Of course, what you want the baby to eat it. We must be sure that this is the best thing. The safest Provides complete nutritional value. However, food that causes infants and young children often allergic reactions. Usually a simple diet. Near the body we eat every day, such as milk, beans, wheat flour, egg whites, seafood or processed foods. In addition, both chemicals and contaminants in food are a serious problem for many parents. You have babies in infants from 6 months to young.

The question is, how can we avoid the food that causes the baby to lose? And how do you know which foods are safe? Do not cause allergic reactions and children should eat any kind of replacement for the baby to fully nutrition.

One of the solutions to the food allergies in children, the most talked about is a plant-based, whole food (PBWF) diet, which is a vegetarian diet. Vegetable or cereal grains are not extracted. No abrasion And no privatization

Parents can start giving their children PBWF in a number of ways. Starting at infancy at the age of 6 months, PBWF will help prevent allergies and help keep your baby healthy over the long term. PBWF foods also help children become more enthusiastic and intelligent.

Why should children start eating PBWF? Since young? Because PBWF puts the baby at risk of food allergies decreased.

The PBWF diet or vegetarian diet is essentially in close proximity to nature. Means to reduce eating disorders that cause allergic reactions. Be it meat, seafood, processed foods or wheat flour, children who eat PBWF will have allergic problems. And the problem with the digestive system less.

1. Food in the PBWF category There are very few allergens.

When babies are 6 months or older, start with PBWF because they contain fewer allergens than common foods, such as brown rice or crushed rice, mixed with fruits and vegetables such as carrots, bananas or pumpkins.

2. PBWF makes your baby healthier within 4 weeks.

Journal of Pediatrics in the United States states that Children who consume plant nutrients are essentially in close proximity to natural foods. The Whole Foods group focuses on fruits and vegetables. (Plant-based, whole food) is lower in weight and blood pressure. As well, cholesterol levels are in better condition in just 4 weeks.

3. Eating PBWF contributes to children with higher IQ than average.

According to a 1980 study by nutritionists from New Medical Center. England in Boston, United States, researchers have measured the IQ of children who eat vegetarian meals. And found that children who eat vegetarian. Including children who eat less meat, but eat more vegetables have 116 average IQ, which is higher than the average person.

4. Eating PBWF Make children shape.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Children's Diseases in the 1990s, 2272 students found that after a two-year, longitudinal study of 2272 students aged 6-18 years, Students who eat vegetarian food have a slimmer shape.

Although eating PBWF will have many advantages. Many parents are still concerned that eating these foods may put them at risk for malnutrition. However, eating PBWF does not require children to eat meat at all. Just reduce the amount of meat and processed foods to less. And eat more vegetables, fruits and cereals. In addition, eating PBWF is not limited to green leafy vegetables. If you eat a variety of vegetables and grains. The child will get a variety of nutrients and complete. For example Obtaining Proteins from Beans (Peas) seed pods are not round seeds. (Bean) lentils (Lentil) carbohydrates from whole grains, not whole grains, especially brown rice. And fat from avocado, olives, nuts (Nut) seeds. For example, Plant based diet menu, Whole food diet for infants and toddlers aged 6 months and above.

1. A formula to nourish the baby eye. Pumpkin contains vitamin A and carotene. This helps nourish the eyes and make the vision in the less well light. If you eat brown rice mixed with pumpkin. In addition to the children will receive many types of B vitamins from grated brown rice. It also nourishes your eyes to love your child with you.

2. Formula B stimulates the baby's digestive system.If your child has problems with the digestive system. Try to eat brown rice mixed with carrots. Because eating carrots helps the baby have a better digestive system. When mixing carrots with grated brown rice, which consists of high fiber. It also stimulates the excretory system of the baby better multiples.

3. Formula C strengthens my baby.Bananas are rich in three types of natural sugars: Fructose, Sucrose and Glucose, resulting in energy from natural sugars. In addition, carbohydrates in bananas are energy-efficient carbohydrates. When you eat crushed brown rice mixed with banana. The children will get the energy from carbohydrates absolutely full.

If your parents want babies 6 months and up to babies, start eating PBWF. For safety and to give your child a complete nutrition. Before choosing a PBWF product or food for a child. It should be checked beforehand whether the food or supplements are not through extraction, abrasion and processing. As well as a product. 100% organic

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