All medical practitioners say that breast milk is the most nutritious food for your child.

Doctors even suggest that till six months of age, the child should be exclusively breastfed, not even giving water!

At six months, the baby can start solid foods. However, exclusive breastfeeding even after that age can be beneficial to your health and that of your baby.

Breast Milk Is Best

Breast milk contains magic!
  • It has immunoglobulins, little warriors of antibodies which help your baby develop immunity in the first two years
  • Breast milk, which contains nutrients that support brain development and immunity building, is the perfect food for a developing baby

But how do you ensure your breast milk is truly beneficial to your baby? By eating a healthy PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOODS diet to nourish your child.

And here’s the shocker: your baby doesn’t need ANY milk after the first few years. Not yours, and definitely not that of any other animal.

The digestive tract of the baby gradually closes to milk molecules after the first few years, eliminating the need for any milk.

Milk for humans is not made by cows, but by humans. Cow’s milk is not a replacement for mother’s milk since cow’s milk is perfectly designed to support the growth needs of calves.

Choose the nutritional foundation for your baby during pregnancy

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See Healthy Eating Basics to understand the basic tenets of a PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOODS lifestyle.

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  • Joel Fuhrman, M.D., author of the book, Disease-Proof Your Child