How To Adopt Plant-Based Whole Food?

How To Adopt

“Good food and good health is simple”

- T. Colin Campbell, in his book, The China Study

Adopting a plant-based whole foods lifestyle is easier than you think. Imagine nourishing fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouts, seeds and whole grains and delicious meals made with these – a diet abundant in nature’s bounty is a diet abundant in health. PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOODS are all your child needs to grow healthy.

And guess what?

Experts also say that a plant-based whole food diet is great for you during pregnancy, when you breastfeed, and for your baby through infancy, childhood and across the teenage years.

The plant-based whole foods lifestyle is a win-win.

A Healthy Beginning

If you are the mother of a just-born, or are expecting a child, you are in the best
position to program your child’s perfect health. PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOODS are the best!

If you are a working mom, or if you are struggling to cook meals for your baby, buy
PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOODS products that are consistent with this lifestyle. These are
a convenient and healthy way to feed your child!

Since people tend to be comforted by foods they ate in their childhood, changing to a
healthy diet later in life can take massive effort. The easiest way is to give them
healthy foods in their childhood so they grow up to only crave those!

Baby Steps

If you have already started to feed your child, don't worry. It's never too late to do the right thing. You can now start introducing wonderful PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOODS. Buy only products that are whole and PLANT-BASED. Simple!

Once they begin to eat in a healthy way, they will themselves reject unhealthy food. The younger they are, the easier it will be to transition them to a healthy diet. So hurry!

Teach them the idea of mindful eating, choosing fruits over fried snacks and coconut water over sodas. The taste and flavor of organic produce is more prominent than those that are genetically modified and sprayed with pesticides. Your child will appreciate the change.

Childhood Changes

If your child is already in preschool and is used to a certain diet by now, you can still make the healthy change!

Children grow up to understand that when parents feed them a healthy diet, it is an expression of love.

However, be prompt in making this lifestyle change, since the eating habits established by the time the child is 10 will last a lifetime.

The Transition

1. Stock your kitchen with PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOODS products and utensils to cook them with.

2. Throw away any bad foods the children may get their hands on.

As you make the transition, your child’s tastes will change, allowing the discovery of new
flavors which were otherwise dulled.

Trust that you are doing the best for your child by feeding a PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOODS diet.

See Food For Every Age to discover the variety of foods to feed your child.

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