Food And Health

Food And Health

Do you really know what it takes to keep your baby healthy?

Your family gave you some advice, your doctor instructed you to follow some guidelines, and those baby books you read listed some points-to-remember.

But did you know that the single most important determinant of your baby’s health is food?

What Has Food Got To Do With Health?

Ask yourself this:

Do you know an adult who is suffering from a chronic disease - cancer, heart disease, or diabetes?

By the year 2020, 71% of all deaths worldwide will be due to heart disease, and 70% from diabetes.

Not just adults, children, too, are falling prey to diseases like childhood obesity: close to 42 million children worldwide under the age of 5 are obese. Other conditions like allergies and autism are also turning into childhood epidemics.

With all the technological advancements and scientific developments today, why are we still succumbing to diseases?

Take a look at the food we have started eating:

Our modern diet is full of highly processed animal products with preservatives and additives.

It's no mystery why so many kids are falling sick: they are eating food that is making them sick.

Health is the most natural state of a child, and the right food is the only way to ensure that childhood ailments do not become your baby's only childhood memories.

That ear infection was entirely avoidable. The thrice-a-day cough is not the norm. Those common colds are not supposed to be common. You have been led to believe that these ailments as well as learning problems, behavioral difficulties, moodiness, reflux and stomach aches are normal, and you have accepted that all kids get sick.

That is not true.

But My Baby Is Already Healthy

Great! However, to sustain your baby’s health, food is still the superhero.

Here is a fun fact for you: food is the most effective safeguard against diseases. Yes, we are talking about preventing not only childhood problems, but also the big, scary diseases that seem really far away.

The truth is, the food you give your children till their teenage years has a greater overall effect on the dietary contribution to cancers than what they eat over the next fifty years. So, even if chronic diseases seem like they only affect adults, the food those adults ate in their childhood caused them to suffer from those diseases.

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A Healthy Diet For A Healthy Baby

Food isn't just important to keep diseases away. A child's overall health, too, is less than optimum if the body is lacking nutrition.

But which diet provides all the necessary nutrients to your child?

People all around you have different things to say. One day you read about the nutritional
benefits of a certain food in the news, and the next day you come across an article that
proves how that food can kill you. You see an advertisement praising a food product,
while your instinct warns against it.

Who should you listen to? See Experts and Scientific Evidence to find out which is the
right food choice for your baby.