A Closer Look At Your Baby’s Food

A Closer Look At Your
Baby's Food

Many common baby foods today contain bad foods like meat, eggs, fish, milk and milk products, and refined foods like sugar and oil.

Do you feed your baby these foods too?

  • Did you offer a spoonful of ice cream as a snack to your baby?
  • Have you pureed chicken with mango for your baby’s lunch?
  • Did you feed your baby rice with egg strips for dinner?
  • Did you stop to think if these foods were harming your baby?

Yes, they are.

Protecting Your Child With Food

What you feed your baby will impact your baby’s health for the entire lifespan.

Even if a hereditary disease runs in your family, the food you give your child can stop it from showing up!

Nutrition controls the expression of genes. It’s that simple. No matter what genetic predisposition you have passed on to your child, you have the power to control its outcome. Studies show that twins separated at birth get different diseases based on the course of life they follow.

The good news is: health is in your hands! You can give the gift of good health to your baby through the food you feed!

See Experts and Scientific Evidence to find out the type of nutrition that can protect your baby.


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