Planning Healthy Playdates

03 APRIL 2018

Your toddler is beginning to become social, and is enjoying playing with other toddlers. What better way to develop the social environment than to organize a playdate?

You can ensure that the playdate is fun for your baby as well as stays consistent with the plant-based whole food lifestyle.

Follow these handy tips to planning healthy playdates:

Ask For Allergies

If you are inviting other children over, ask their parents to let you know if the child has any allergies. If you are dropping your child off, let the parent know which products your child cannot eat.

Stock Snacks

When arranging a playdate at your house, ensure enough food is available for all children. Rice puffs make for good finger food, while fruit chews are fun ways to engage the children. If some kids are teething, rusks will help them stay calm! When dropping off your child, leave packaged meals like cereals or purees that the parent can easily feed your baby.

Get Creative!

As the host, you can play games with food to help develop other children’s interest in health. Arrange fruit pieces as faces on plates or paint with vegetables.

Have a great healthy playdate!