Fruit Pudding

08 AUGUST 2018

This deliciously sweet treat for your baby is not only tasty, but also very healthy! The nourishing combination of brown rice and fruits makes this snack a healthful and tasteful one!

What You Need

  • Baby Natura’s Brown Rice Cereal
  • Fruits of your choice


  • Rinse and chop the fruits.
  • Follow the instructions on Baby Natura’s Brown Rice Cereal packet and cook it.
  • Transfer the cereal into a bowl and top it with the fruits.

What’s So Awesome About Fruit Pudding?

Brown rice is rich in minerals like selenium and manganese, as well as antioxidants. Due to its high content of dietary fiber, it makes for a filling and nutritious meal for your baby. Adding fruits provides the vitamin-dense addition to the already healthy brown rice. Plus, fruits provide a sweet and tangy twist to this tasty snack. If your baby is not 8 months old yet, consider pureeing the fruits before mixing them with the rice.