About Us

About Us


We, at Baby Natura, believe in the healing power of natural foods. THE PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOOD can uplift children and help them achieve their true potential.Our products are scientifically proven plant-based whole baby food solutions, intended to assist mothers in nourishing their babies. Our mission is to ensure that a plant-based whole foods lifestyle is convenient for mothers to implement, and wholesome for babies to enjoy. Most importantly, our products are nutritive, to make your baby feel good, and for you to be at peace with your baby’s growth. Not just immediate health our products take care of lifelong health for your child. We aim to create healthy citizens, a healthy community, a healthy country, and a healthy world. Through our food, we wish to save the world from disease and disability.

Our Values

We are committed to bringing convenience, ease and health to the world through our  PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOOD baby products. The values which drive our operations are simple yet powerful:




Our aim is to bring health to the entire world, by starting at the beginning of life – making babies healthy.


By educating mothers on the health benefits of a PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOOD foods lifestyle, we empower them to make the right decisions for their children.


Our products are organic and of the highest quality, to ensure that the switch to a PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOOD life is a happy one.


We treat our partners, employees and all customers with respect to create a healthy, happy community.


Our products are born out of our aim to care for the health of children, and by extension, of the whole world. We care for the environment, too, and that is reflected in our eco-friendly manufacturing processes.


Vivek Dhawan

CEO & Chief Coach

Dr. Sant Chaiyodsilp

Chief Wellness Officer & Advisor